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The Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho Foundation (FMSS in Brazil) it’s a non-profitable foundation that has the development and support to initiatives in Education and Community Development areas as a goal.

In early 2014 the foundation experienced a repositioning of their brand and digital presence. Santopixel was choosen to lead the project of the new web portal of the foundation.

In addition to gathering all the institutional content of the foundation, reports, news and glossary the site offers several possibilities of communication and interaction of FMSS with your audience such as polls and participation in the choice of projects.

This time, SantoPixel didn’t delivered just another WordPress theme and 100% responsive but also a tool of interactivity in which the customer can create, edit and manage polls of a great variety of subjects. And there is more! The web portal have also a specific template to hotsites where the foundation can easily create and publish websites of projects or seasonal events, like this one.

Project New website

Services Information Architecture, Design, Front-end, Back-end and WordPress