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Atlântida Station covers most of the area in the Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina states and it is the biggest FM radio station made for teenagers and young people of south of Brazil. The radio station also calls itself as a ‘content generator on radio and internet’ through it’s themed blogs and matters of young people universe.

However, Atlântida realized that it’s blogs weren’t communicating as desired and had no visual consistence. The content was scattered and didn’t make the user to get instigated to network concept of interconnected products and signed by Atlântida.

This was our scenario to act. We developed to Atlântida an exclusive and responsive WordPress theme with a strong relationship of cross-blog subjects. It doesn’t matter if the user is accessing the ‘Pretinho Básico’ or the ‘Mundoidão’ now the user can access and consume easily all the content of all blogs in the Atlântida network.

Project New blogs theme

Services Information Architecture, Design, Front-end, Back-end and WordPress


A rede é grande e continua crescendo! A Atlântida queria ter autonomia e agilidade na criação de seus blogs. Por isso desenhamos um template totalmente customizável, onde a Atlântida pode criar identidades exclusivas para cada blog. Acessa lá e confere, é um mais legal que o outro!